The Ask

Design an experiential booth for The Interior Design Show to promote Canadian Tire’s Premier Infinity paint brand to design professionals & design savvy consumers.

The Give

A unique and interactive experience – literally putting the product in the hands of visitors.

A dramatic “black box” that referenced the product packaging and created an air of mystery. On the outside, a band of motion responsive LED infinity mirrors, allowed visitors to activate stripes of vibrant colour as they passed by. Generous openings at each end of the box offered glimpses of the bold colours within. Once inside, the real magic began. Visitors were invited to engage with the product, by participating in a massive paint-by-number mural of the Toronto cityscape to experience the one-coat coverage of the product for themselves. A complimentary juice bar, featuring high-quality hand-pressed juices, colour-matched to paint chips and named accordingly, encouraged visitors to linger.

The Result

An interactive experience that connected with visitors and became a social media sharable moment.